"Fitting it all in" probably means your athlete is not sleeping enough. But you already knew that...


The issue that isn't getting any better.

Finding a balance between being “a kid” and being “an athlete” can be challenging. 
It is well known that a jam packed schedule and pressure to 'fit it all in' and the use of backlit electronics is taking a toll on the quantity and quality of our sleep but you may not be aware of what role this plays in the occurrence of injury. 

The Research...

The National Sleep Foundation defines <8 hours as insufficient, 8 hours as borderline, and ≥9 hours as optimal for high school age students.

But our younger years present opportunities for social engagement and sports/activities, school and family, all of which ask for a consistent commitment. 

√ The Centers for Disease Control recently reviewed over 14,000 adolescents’ responses to health questionnaires including questions about their sleep patterns.

√ 68.9% reported ≤7 hours of sleep per night.

√ 65% of athletes (56/86) who reported sleeping <8 hours per night were injured, compared with 31% of athletes (8/26) who reported sleeping ≥8 hours per night.

√ Sleeping less than 8 hours present a 1.7 x greater risk of being injured. 

What can be done?

√ Go to bed at the same time every night if possible
√ Avoid backlit screens 2 hours before bed (phones, laptops etc.)
√ If you get behind or need a boost, the power nap...

Greg Martinez, DPT
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